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Disbursements by month

The amount of money earned from extraction of natural resources on federal lands that is disbursed to various legislated funds. We have disbursements data by month from October 2018 through the most recent month.

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This dataset includes natural resource disbursements for U.S. federal lands, federal offshore areas, and Indian lands. It does not include privately owned lands or U.S. state lands. The dataset is tracked and managed by the Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue. Disbursements of revenue from extractive activities on U.S. federal lands occur monthly. The data contains disbursement payments by month to state and local governments, designated funds, and the U.S. Treasury from October 2018 through the most recently available month.

Data publication

We publish the monthly file when we receive the data for the most recently available month, which is usually 1–2 months prior to the current month.

Data dictionary

Laws treat revenues from offshore natural resources and onshore natural resources differently. There are set percentages and amounts from each that go certain funds or local governments.

Month The month the disbursement occurred

Year The year the disbursement occurred

Fund Type The type of recipient receiving the disbursement

Land Category Whether the origin of the revenue being disbursed is offshore or onshore

Disbursement Type Disbursement types are guided by revenue-sharing legislation and agreements. For example, GOMESA and 8(g) direct portions of offshore revenue to states, local governments, and designated funds. Disbursements from the production of geothermal energy is also shared with county governments.

State The state that received the disbursement in accordance with revenue-sharing legislation

County The county that received the disbursement in accordance with revenue-sharing legislation

Commodity The commodity that generated the revenue. For oil and gas, the commodity listed depends on the phase of production. Since it's unknown whether a lease will produce oil, gas, or both, the two commodities are combined in the bonus and rent phases and listed as "Oil & Gas."

Category Includes phases of lease payments, such as bonuses, rents, and royalties. The column also includes "Other Distributions," which include revenues derived from fees and civil penalties. Finally, the column includes "Sequestration," which represents statutory spending limits which are withheld from certain government programs. Some program funds are returned in following fiscal year.

Disbursement The amount disbursed

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