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Atlantic Ocean

Unlike land (which can be owned by states, local governments, corporations, or private individuals), the waters and submerged lands of the Outer Continental Shelf are entirely administered by the federal government. This means that all offshore drilling and renewable energy generation takes place in federal waters.


ONRR collects detailed data about natural resources produced on federal lands and waters. According to that data, there was no natural resource production in the Atlantic Ocean in 2017.

Federal revenue

Natural resource extraction can lead to federal revenue in two ways: non-tax revenue and tax revenue.

When companies extract natural resources on federal lands and waters, they pay royalties, rents, bonuses, and other fees, much like they would to any landowner. This non-tax revenue is collected and reported by the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR).

Laws and policies govern how rights are awarded to companies and what they pay to extract natural resources on the Outer Continental Shelf. For details, read more about the processes for offshore oil and gas or offshore renewable energy.

The federal government collects different kinds of fees at each phase of resource extraction. This chart shows how much federal revenue was collected in 2017 for production or potential production of natural resources on federal waters, broken down by phase of production.

Commodity 1. Securing rights 2. Before production 3. During production Other revenue
Offshore renewable energy
$51,536,375 $3,722,652 $0 $157
All commodities
All commodities
$51,536,375 $3,722,652 $0 $157

Non-tax revenue collected by ONRR often depends on what resources are available, as well as the laws and regulations about extraction of each resource.

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All commodities

Companies paid $55,259,184 to produce natural resources in the Atlantic Ocean in 2017.

Revenue collected by offshore area

North Atlantic Mid Atlantic North Atlantic Mid Atlantic

Atlantic Ocean revenue in 2017