The breadcrumbs component is used for navigation and to reinforce for the user where they are within the site structure, especially for deeper site pages. Always add a slash after the text, to indicate the parent category.

Similar type styling and positioning is also used as a non-link running subhead. The case studies section serves as an example, where an icon is added for visual interest. Since these instances are visually similar to breadcrumbs – but don’t behave like breadcrumbs – we haven’t included an example here.

How to use

In your page’s front matter, include the breadcrumb property with a list of the breadcrumbs. The content layout automatically includes the breadcrumbs.

  - title: How it works
    permalink: /how-it-works/
<!-- breadcrumb -->

<a class="breadcrumb" href="#">Breadcrumb link</a> /
<h1>Page title</h1>
<!-- breadcrumb -->

{{#each breadcrumbs }}
<a class="breadcrumb" href="#">{{ this }}</a> /
<h1>{{ page-title }}</h1>
  "page-title": "Page title",
  "breadcrumbs": [
    "Breadcrumb link"